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Our Strategic Plan

Pillar 1 – Governance and Delivery

Strategic Focus Area

Develop and Implement a Governance Structure that builds workforce capacity reducing the reliance on volunteers for delivery

Strategic Goals

  • Establish a governance framework that supports Rangers, its Athletes, Coaches and Partners.

  • Introduce a Board of Management that is committed to best practice industry standards and robust governance processes.

  • Build capability of the Rangers workforce through facilitating professional development and assisting committee members to become ‘fit for purpose’ in their role

  • Provide role clarity for all those working with Rangers to support them in achieving their goals

  • Establish and maintain strong links with Member Associations through advice, support and resources on commercialisation, sponsorship, governance, media and communications

  • Attract and retain high performing staff

  • Promote an open and positive environment where people are valued

Pillar 2 – High Performance Environment

Strategic Focus Area

Identify and develop talented Athletes to succeed at the elite level

Strategic Goals

  • Establish and implement a comprehensive talent identification system and appropriate competition structures for players, coaches and umpires

  • Be recognised as a leader in relation to the delivery of holistic programs, underpinned by high level coaching, wellbeing, and personal excellence

  • Develop a shared understanding of performance expectations and accountability of all athletes

  • Drive all Rangers teams to perform consistently against their targets

Strategic Focus Area

Create an exceptional coaching and club official environment

Strategic Goals

  • Every coach has access to relevant, quality coach development opportunities

  • Coaches foster a culture that grows and enhances the game, including knowledge share and transfer

  • Coaching knowledge and capability improves to meet the needs of players

  • Development of our officials’ pathway to provide Rangers with best practice governance and support

Strategic Focus Area

Attract, Develop and Retain Participants

Strategic Goals

  • Deliver support and education to participants that supports development and performance needs

  • Provide attractive pathways, through linkages and program delivery with partner associations, to ensure ongoing participation in development programs and clinics.

  • Participation, leadership and pathways for diverse communities are designed and implemented

  • Retain and support our members and volunteers as the sport changes

Pillar 3 – Community Engagement

Strategic Focus Area

Identify, retain and grow a portfolio of partners contributing to the success of Rangers  and netball more broadly

Strategic Goals

  • Establishment of a Rangers Marketing Plan

  • Development of a Sponsorship Program

  • Identify and enlist local corporate brands that align with Rangers strategic goals

  • Improve the use of technology to enhance the services provided and make them accessible to the broader community

  • Ensure Rangers  athletes maintain a connection with grass roots Netball in the community through high levels of engagement and involvement in community activities

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