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Battling Demons

Rangers Home Game vs Demons 17 March 24

OPENS - Diane Bunten

Rangers spirits were high as they took the first centre and first goal in their first home game of the season. Both teams started well, and it went goal for goal until an offside call gave Demons the early break. Ellie grabbed a rebound to even scores with Chelsea hitting circle edge nicely to feed the shooters who shot well. Clean defensive work made the most of missed shots by the Demons and Rangers took the lead at 8:6. Great vision from Kat placed the ball into Abby to consolidate the lead. Some to and fro play was eventually turned into a goal from Kat whose timing was spot on, giving the centre court good options. Rangers looked in control as the quarter wound down to end 15:11.

The umpire’s whistle at the start of the second gave Rangers a chance to grab the first goal but they couldn’t convert and Demons got back in it. Ellie got a hand in to keep Rangers on track and although there was some inaccuracy, they rebounded well to keep the scoreboard ticking over. A centre break cost Rangers and Demons closed the gap. A clean intercept by Bek gave Rangers another opportunity but they couldn’t convert and scores levelled 19 all. Kim replaced Abby at GS and quickly slotted her first. Heidi moved into C and Grace took court for her debut at WD. Rangers worked hard to pull back the lead, but a stray pass gave Demons the chance to end the quarter 24:25.

Some changes at half-time with Chelsea into centre, Morgan into WA, Abby GS and Heidi at WD. Abby slotted the first and second goals of the quarter to retake the lead, but Rangers struggled to feed in it after that and Demons pulled ahead again. Ellie’s clean rebound gave Rangers another shot on goal and Sim as brought on at GD. Rangers fought hard to reduce the Demons’ lead with Kat scoring well from mid-range. Hesitant ball movement in the goal third resulted in a turnover and a missed shot gave Demons a five goal lead at the break 38:43.

Grace took the court at WD for the final quarter. An unfortunate penalty for late arrival on court gifted the Demons the first goal. Grace worked hard to create a held ball and put Rangers back on track. Ellie stemmed a Demons streak with a strong rebound. She continued to pile the pressure but a centre break, along with a couple of off-sides, handed the Demons the advantage and they pushed the lead to ten goals with 8 minutes to go. Kat’s movement in the circle was great and with Grace H bringing fresh legs to WA, they played hard with strong defensive effort right to the final whistle. The final score was 48:57.

21U - Sophie Hunt and Grace Hepworth

The 21s fought hard after being down in the first half to come back and take the win at our home game. The girls showed great teamwork this week, really stepping up the defensive pressure from last week, with every player on the court getting a defensive tip or intercept.

A massive thankyou to Richelle and Dan for the pre-game breakfast which definitely fueled us up for the win. Demons played a physical game but the whole team’s collective defensive pressure allowed us to capitalize on forced errors. Em and Jade consistently put score board pressure on, beating their defenders for rebounds, as Sienna and Grace worked circle edge to ensure the best feed into the circle. The Grace’s, Jess, Sophie and Gemma worked hard to force opponents high and contest first ball in defence! As coach Bec says, “How would we like to fail” and together as a team, we chose to put our trust in each other and take healthy risks! - Grace H and Soph

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