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Striking Lightning Twice

Match report Rangers vs Peel 9 June 23

Starting 7: GK Ellie, GD Grace, WD Morgan, C Kate, WA Chelsea, GA Kat, GS Georgia

Rangers’ took court for the second game against Lightning looking confident and strong. After a steady start for both teams Ellie, created the first turnover with a defensive intercept. Morgan then tipped the ball for another in the centre court to help Rangers to an early 4 point lead. Peel worked hard to get a couple back. A heavy knock saw their GA leave the court and meant they had to make an early change and fired them up to even up the scores. Rangers responded and whole court pressure went up a notch. This coupled with smooth transition into the shooters gave Rangers opportunities to pull back the lead to four. Bek came on as GK, while the attack end shone with sharp passing from Chelsea finding Kat with ease. Unfortunately, Peel took advantage of a forced pass at the end of the quarter, but Rangers still held a 16:13 lead.

The second saw Heidi on at WD, Abbey at GS and Georgia moved out to GA. The first goal went to Rangers. Heidi provided valuable back up on the transverse line and both teams battled through some end to end netball with the margin staying the same. Eventually, Rangers’ pressure created a mini break. The bench was quiet as Rangers worked hard to extend the lead. A spectacular intercept by Kate saved a turnover and helped fire everyone up. Bek picked up a couple of stray balls and Rangers ended the quarter up by 10 35:25.

No changes in the third, Bek took a defensive rebound to give Rangers the first goal. The bench were now up and about spurring the team on. A side line intercept form Kate was beautifully converted by Georgia. Grace’s extender arms created issues for Peel in their circle. A couple of changes with Georgia replaced by Kat and Heidi by Dani seemed to disrupt the flow a little, but Rangers still headed into the break with a handy 52:38 lead.

There were no further changes for the last quarter. An even start again, but it didn’t take Rangers long to extend the lead after a couple of Peel turnovers. Kat shot a fabulous long ranger and Morgan returned to court replacing Chelsea at WA. Rangers kept working hard and Ash came on at GK for immediate effect. With Peel feeling the defensive pressure, Kate grabbed another full-stretch intercept and the momentum was definitely in favour of Rangers. Grace plucked a ball on circle edge and the shooters converted. The team worked hard until the final whistle signalled a 72:47 victory.

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