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Rangers At Home

Rangers Vs Warriors 18th June 2023

GS Georgia, GA Kat, WA Chelsea, C Kate, WD Morgan, GD Grace, GK Bek

Rangers started their first home game with a to-and-fro battle for the first goal. They eventually won the contest thanks to a tip from Chelsea and an offensive contact by Warriors and open the scores. Rangers followed up with a turnover and took an early lead. Georgia was on form, shooting beautifully and strong drives down court and accurate passing from Chelsea and Kate kept the delivery coming. The mid-court ran hard all quarter to keep balls in and create tips to disrupt Warriors. Grace and Bek found their rhythm and started to build defensive pressure in the circle and although Rangers ended the quarter only 2 goals up, they seemed to control a lot of the play. 15:13

No changes in the 2nd for either team, and it started goal for goal. Then Rangers piled on the pressure and with Georgia continuing to shoot the lights out with Kat ably supporting her, they built the lead. Grace provided a reliable option getting the ball out of defence and added a clean intercept to give Rangers an 8 point lead. Kat shot a great long-range goal to take the margin out to 10. Georgia’s flawless run continued and the attacking mid-court tore through Warriors defence to extend the lead to 13. Momentum shifted back to Warriors for the last few minutes and the half finished 33:24.

The third quarter saw Ellie move into GK. Georgia then shifted to Ga and Abbey came on at GS. An early break by Rangers was matched by Warriors to keep margin the same. Abbey was holding strongly in the circle and connecting well with Georgia. Dani came on at WD and Morgan at WD and the remainder of the quarter was a tight tussle with neither team able to move ahead, despite string rebounding by Ellie. The margin was still 9 at the end of the 3rd 48:37.

Heidi came on at GD in the 4th and the arm wrestle continued. Warriors grabbed a couple in a row, but a circle edge grab by Kate followed by a tip and grab, got Rangers back on the board. The defence worked hard, but Rangers struggled to find enough options in attack. With Warriors back within 4, Chelsea was brought back on at WA and Heidi moved into WD with Grace back in at GD. Grace intercepted again to break Warriors flow but loose passing gave them another chance to narrow the margin. Kate’s second circle edge scoop provided a settler and another defensive intercept along with a step up in defensive pressure gave Rangers a run of goals which pulled the margin back to 9 for a convincing home win 60:51.

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