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Match Report Demons v Rangers 31 March 2023

The club could be renamed Long-Rangers as Georgia slotted in the first goal from distance, in what was always likely to be a tough battle against the Demons. The umpires were up and about early, ensuring the match stayed under control and all players had to adjust and play off the body if they didn’t want to stack up the penalties. Rangers did this best and managed to stay caution free all game. It made it tough for Ellie, Grace and Kate in defence, but Ellie’s early tip over the base line followed by consistent defensive pressure earned Rangers the first turnover in the Demons’ attack end. Swift ball movement from Rangers converted a Rangers intercept on the Demons’ centre pass gave Rangers an early four goal lead. Kate tried to make it five with another intercept but Demon’s won it back with to settle their score. Centre court pressure converted another Demons’ centre to a goal for Rangers but Demons made the most of a missed shot and some loose passes to level scores. Great movement by Abbey and feeding from Chelsea saw Rangers pull ahead again, but Demons kept coming and they finished the quarter up by a single goal 15: 14.

The second quarter saw Kat on at GA and Dani at WA, with Chelsea moved to C. Kat continued the long-range shooting tradition and Ellie seemed to be enjoying her new defensive role making the most of her long reach to interrupt the Demons’ rhythm. Chelsea chased hard but a couple of missed shots saw Demons pull ahead. The coach rang the changes and Morgan took the centre bib. Rangers struggled to get the ball into the circle and Demons extended their lead. When it did make it to them, Georgia and Kat kept the goals coming and Rangers in touch. Ash came on at GK and a held ball gave Rangers a much-needed win. Chelsea returned to centre and Rangers settled into a steady patch of play which saw a half-time score of 31:26

Bek came in a GK in the third and Abbey was back on at GA. Georgia started with a beautiful long shot again, but Rangers struggled to find space and a held ball extended the Demons’ lead. Undeterred, Abbey converted from a clean intercept by Bek and a rebound from a Demons’ missed shot helped Rangers’ get back in it. Courtney took the court smoothly at WA and Chelsea stepped it up to intercept a Demons’ centre pass which Georgia converted. Hard work in centre court and in the circle supplied Rangers attack with more chances to score, but it took a few minutes of hard seesawing work up and down court for Rangers to settle into their rhythm and convert these opportunities to close the margin. Chelsea picked up a couple of crucial balls late in the third to win Rangers the quarter and reduce the margin to two.

Rangers came out unchanged for the fourth and Chelsea continued her intensity, battling hard with Kate to turn the ball over and give Georgia the chance to slot a goal and even the score. Grace made the Demons work for their wins on with a good sideline tip and hands over pressure, but Demons kept pushing and gained ball from a couple of stray Rangers’ passes. Dani came on at WA, but a couple of errors from Rangers gave Demons chance to extend their lead once more. Rangers kept hustling including a full extension intercept by Kate, but they struggled to get it cleanly into the attack end. Rangers never gave up and fought hard to the final whistle. The final score of 60:55 didn’t fully tell the story of this tough game fought with hustle and heart.

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