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Rangers Rebound

Match report: Jets versus Rangers 26 March 2023

Sharp shooting and good defensive touches gave Rangers a great start and a quick four goal lead. Jets steadied a little with a couple of goals from their centre passes until an intercept from Kate spoiled their momentum. Good rebounding from Georgia kept Rangers converting their centre pass ably supported by Kat, moving and shooting well. Chelsea keen to be in on the action produced a trademark leap to create another break for Rangers. Her work on circle edge providing plentiful supply for the shooters. Pressure from Ash and Grace caused turnovers for Jets and provided more opportunities for Rangers. Ash didn’t let the height difference stop her, moving her feet to get in front of the tall Jets shooter. Kate showed off her fancy footwork too, leaping across the circle to try to avoid going offside. Jets got one back at the end of the quarter but Rangers went into the first break with a 11:19 lead.

The second quarter saw Morgan come into Centre and Dani into WA. Initially going goal for goal, a Jets break gave Rangers the opportunity to consolidate their lead. With both Kat and Georgia shooting cleanly from distance, they gave the Jets defenders plenty to think about. The game settled into a more even pattern, with Rangers moving fluently down court thanks to nice drives from Chelsea who was swapped back on. Another Kate intercept and good rebounds from Grace made it hard for the Jets to get into a rhythm, but eventually they started to work their way back into the game with a three goal run. Abbey took court and sank her first goal. Ash grabbed a circle edge tip by Kate and Abbey then shot three more in a row to give Rangers a 13 goal lead. Smooth transitions from Rangers and strong defensive play from Ash saw Rangers go into half-time with an impressive 20:34 lead.

The only change for the third quarter saw Morgan in at Centre. Jets had a much better start to the quarter and started to pull the margin back. Abbey steadied Rangers with a clean goal from our centre pass but a couple of turnovers gave Jets a run of goals and they started to dominate play. Chelsea was moved back onto Centre and Bek came on at GD to immediate effect with an intercept from Bek. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be converted and the Jets train kept coming to pull the lead back to five. Steady work from Rangers and a heroic leap from Chelsea saw a 34:42 scoreline at three-quarter time.

Tayla made her debut at WD with Kate moving into Centre and Kat back into GA. Great drives and feeding from Rangers saw a much steadier start with a nice intercept from Bek in the circle. Good pressure on the centre pass from Tayla helped create a turnover and even though not converted initially, Rangers were able to win it back and score. Great long distance shooting by Kat enabled Rangers to pull the lead back to 13 points. Some balletic work by Kate on the circle edge gained a smile from the umpire, even if not a favourable call. Rangers consistent defensive pressure across the court saw the lead stretch to 15. Great movement from the shooters made the feeders life easier and created headaches for the Jets defenders. Grace grabbed a ground ball and Ash coming on for her debut at GS finished it off with her first goal. She continued to shoot well, proving the depth of Rangers shooting options. Rangers finished the game with a clean intercept by Grace with a 21 goal margin 40:61.

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